DAAF Smoke Detector Obligatory in France



DAAF Smoke Detector Obligatory in France

Every home in France must be equipped with an independent smoke alarm (DAAF Détecteur avertisseur autonome de fumée).

The DAAF has to comply with the norm NF EN14604 or CE EN14604 and can be powered by battery or electricity as long as it is connected to a security power source destined to keep it in operation in case of a power outage. It has to be loud enough to wake up a sleeping occupant.

Who’s responsible?

The loi Alur has established that responsibility for the installation of smoke detectors falls on the owner, no longer on the occupant. It is therefore the landlord who must insure that the proper equipment is installed.

In cases where the tenant is in place before March 2015, the owner can comply with the legal requirement by merely providing a DAAF smoke detector to the tenant or, in case it has already been installed by reimbursing the cost.

Maintenance and replacement

The maintenance or replacement, if necessary, of the DAAF device during the duration of the lease remains the responsibility of the tenant.

In the case of holiday accomodation, seasonal or furnished lets, both the installation and maintenance are to be carried out by the owner.

What happens if I don’t?

The text of the law so far does not give specifics as to the penalty incurred but, at the very least, any failure to install a smoke detector can result in the waiver of liability of the insurer in case of fire or an increase in the amount of the insurance premium.


Sylvia Edwards Davis, Property & Living Editor
[source: leparticulier.fr / net-iris.]

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  • detectoraus
    2014-09-11 08:08:04
    Yes this type of smoke alarms indicates the alarms when they will need to be changed or need services.Maintenance of smoke alarm is very necessary also replace faulty and expired smoke detectors as soon as possible.