The Distances To Respect Between Your Non-Collective Sewage Treatment Solution And Your Home In France


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The Distances To Respect Between Your Non-Collective Sewage Treatment Solution And Your Home In France
By Tricel

Whether you are upgrading your sewage treatment solution up to standard or having a new built, these distances apply.

What Does The French Regulation Say?

Whether it is for a rehabilitation or a new installation, your non-collective sewage treatment system must be installed at certain distances from various elements. This includes hedges, vegetation, but especially the house.

To be more precise:

  • the house must be at 5 meters
  • the hedges must be at 3 meters
  • the fence must be at 3 meters
  • the trees must be at 3 meters as well
  • if you have a well, it must be at 35 meters

Some of the recommended distances can be reduced with justification, in case of rehabilitation. Site assessors are the most qualified to define the best solution according to the characteristics of your land. The SPANC can also inform you. A Tricel technician can also assist you in your project.

Summary Of The Distances To Respect For Sewage Treatment In France

Tricel solutions

Tricel Novo (sewage treatment plant (micro-station))

Tricel Seta Simplex (compact filter)

Within the framework of individual sewage treatment, there are different solutions to choose from depending on the needs of the house. Among them: the fixed bed culture microstation (Tricel Novo) or the compact filter (Tricel Seta Simplex). The fixed bed culture sewage treatment plant is composed of solid supports that allow the microorganisms to settle on them so that the bacteria can multiply.

The Tricel compact filter uses coco fibre to treatment the effluent.

These systems, both compact filters and microstations, do not require much space on the ground. Ask one of Tricel’s representatives for more information.

Need Advice on Sewage Treatment Systems in France?

If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Tricel or use the contact form below.

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