Wastewater Treatment Plant For A Main Residence In France


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Wastewater Treatment Plant For A Main Residence In France
By Tricel

Today, many individual wastewater treatment systems exist on the French market. Choosing the right system for your main residence is becoming more and more difficult, but French regulations help guide us in our choice.

Main Residence And Wastewater Treatment Plant

The regulations on non-collective (or individual) domestic sewage treatment in France today distinguish two types of use:

  1. Permanent use: frequent presence in the home (with occasional absences)
  2. Intermittent use: occasional presence with long periods of absence

To put it simply, permanent use is equated with main residences while intermittent use is equated with secondary residences or holiday homes.

The wastewater treatment plant (like a Tricel Novo) is perfectly adapted for a main residence. Tricel recommends it because it is one of the most compact wastewater treatment systems on the market with the best quality-price ratio.

Advantages of the Tricel Novo Wastewater Treatment Plant for a Main Residence

Approved since 2011, the Novo range of wastewater treatment plants is very light, which reduces transportation and installation costs.

Its compact size allows it to reduce the surface dedicated to domestic sewage treatment, an undeniable advantage in the choice made by the current users.

An Alternative To The Wastewater Treatment Plant?

Since 2016, Tricel has been offering compact filters with a coconut fibre media filter. The compact filter range, named « Seta » and « Seta Simplex», is originally suitable for second homes (intermittent use).

Compact Filter Tricel Seta Simplex (from 1 to 9PE)

The Tricel Seta Simplex compact filter is an all-in-one plant that pre-treats and treats all wastewater in a single tank. This filter adapts equally well to applications in permanent use (primary residence) as well as in intermittent use (secondary residence).

Compact Filter Tricel Seta (for larger projects, from 10 to 54PE)

The Tricel Seta compact filter is a tank containing the media filter (coconut fibre) and is placed downstream of an already existing septic tank. It runs the same way as the Tricel Seta, but instead of one single tank, the Seta system will be over multiple tanks.

Originally adapted to second homes (intermittent use), it can be connected to a main residence. Ideal for larger projects such as gites, campsites, etc

These solutions are approved by the French Ministries of Ecology and Health and are eligible for the government’s eco-PTZ (zero-rate eco-loan).

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