Smallholdings in France

Smallholdings in FranceWelcome to our comprehensive guide to Smallholdings in France. A complete on-line resource for information for those who have or are thinking about buying a Small Holding in France.

The laid back French lifestyle along with the prices of French property makes France the ideal place to ‘escape from it all’ and live the “good life”. Whether you're thinking of buying your own Vineyard, an Equestrian property to keep horses, or a Smallholding to raise and grow your own food you will find all the information you need here. From choosing and rearing animals, finding the right area of France to live in and a look at the work involved in running a Smallholding in France.

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The different types of Smallholdings in France

Everything you need to know about Smallholdings in France

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Information on growing vines and raising animals on your Smallholding in France

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