fireplaceWhen was the last time you called out the sweep? If you enjoy a roaring fire at your house in France, then it’s well worth checking your home insurance policy to find out how often the chimney has to be swept.

Rules differ. Some policies will specify that the chimney must be swept annually or biannualy. In the event of a chimney fire, a certificat de ramonage (cleaning certificate) will be required as proof that your duty has been fulfilled.

So make absolutely sure that your sweep is a professional tradesperson and can provide you with this document. Over the winter, when more of us are lighting fires inside, it pays to make sure that you’re covered. A chimney sweep is known as a ramoneur in France

The insurance certificate it not the only reason to call the ramoneur. There are other benefits to having your chimney swept on a regular basis. It will help make your home energy efficient and create a healthier and safer environment to live in. In addition, a good ramoneur will alert you if there is anything in your installation that needs maintenance or replacement.

You can call your ramoneur at any time of year, but if you want to have your chimney swept in the autumn, when the rush starts, expect a delay. If you have had a log burner installed, you should be able to call on the same people for its maintenance.

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