Top Five Most Desirable Places to Own a Holiday Home in France

Top Five Most Desirable Places to Own a Holiday Home in France

The votes are in: the most desirable place to own a holiday home in France is Arcachon Bay. According to a recent survey by Le Figaro, the gem of the Atlantic coast – with its shimmering waters, stretches of white sandy beaches and lattice of pine forests – is the ultimate spot to nab a summer retreat. A pied-à-terre there will set you back around €300,000.

La plage de Deauville

The oh-so-chic resort of Deauville in Normandy came a close second on voters’ wish list (‘wish list’ being the operative term, with a holiday pad on the coveted Parisian Riviera costing a minimum of €500,000).

Port de Cassis

Followed by the ancient fishing village of Cassis near Marseille.


Sainte-Maxime on the Riviera and Île de Ré in sun-dappled Charente completed the top five.

Île de Ré

Whether you choose to use this roll call of France’s big-ticket holiday home destinations as a starting point for your property search, or a shortlist of hyped-up tourist hotspots to steer well clear of, is up to you…

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