1884 a Star Is Born…

1884 a Star Is Born…

Champagne Dumangin was created by Hippolyte Dumangin. Jacky Dumangin, 3 generations later, perfected the characteristically feminine Premier Cru champagne range. His son, Gilles Dumangin, 5th generation of successful winemakers, “upped” the range by introducing the several high class champagnes that helped position his top of the range wines: First he created the “Premium”, a delightful (unfortunately low yield) Blanc de Blancs cuvee in a wonderfully frosted white bottle. Through his love of cooking & travels through Asia, Gilles also imagined the Extra-Brut, a Champagne that both helps complement spicy cooking and balances diets with a low sugar content. He has received high praises from prospective customers and press alike. Créateur de Cuvées, he has over 15 different Champagnes at any time in his portfolio. He has been called many times to make Champagnes for designer brands. His latest creation the Trio des Ancêtres is a wonderful trio of single grapes Chardonnay/Pinot Noir & Meunier named after his ancestors: Firmin, Hippolyte & Achille.


Innovation Through Tradition 

In the last 25 years the Champagne region has seen many improvements in winemaking processes. General quality has been raised. Unfortunately, this has led to uniformity in most champagnes. Champagne Dumangin believes in uniqueness… Each wine is unique. The Dumangin Rosé is a good example… thanks to its untypical blend of vintage cuvées and red wine from Pinot Meunier, it exhibits finesse and fruit rather than vinosity and strength.

Obtaining the right balance between traditional methods that will favour the exceptional character of wines and modern techniques is a difficult but enjoyable exercise. Dumangin Champagnes suffer no stressful processes. They are handled very gently from grape picking to bottling in their tank room in Chigny Les Roses. Careful riddling, in-house disgorgement and dosage ensure quality at all steps. To add an additional twist, dosage liquor is aged in perfumed oak cask. Dosage is a very important part of Champagne DUMANGIN J. Fils…

Each bottling enjoys different dosage through its lifecycle to provide the best possible tasting experience balancing acidity & sugar levels. As there is nothing to hide, disgorgement dates are added to back labels alongside other informative details like blend and a QR code giving the most precise information.

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Spécialités Dumangin J. Fils

Tradition is also what directed Gilles to revive long lost Champagne gastronomic Specialities. Starting in 2001 with Vinegar made from Champagne, innovation & passion led him to acquire knowledge & create unique recipes of champagne-based food delicacies that are now represented all over the world from Canada to Japan. A wonderful Champagne jam (Confit de Vin Champenois) will match a delicate foie gras.

He also uses innovative cask ageing and traditional solera systems to produce spirits replete with flavours and colours. our range of Champagne spirits has received a Protected Geographical Indication from the European Union. We produce Ratafia Champenois, Vieux Marc Champenois & Vieille Fine Champenoise.


We have a range of branded promotional material to help our Ambassadors place our Champagne in the best hotels, restaurants, and wine shops in the world. We have Champagne DUMANGIN J. Fils branded: Champagne glasses, buckets, stoppers, aprons, chalkboards, gift boxes, wooden shop displays… We also organize or participate regularly to market visits / wine dinners / store tastings / consumer shows to help place our champagne and spirits in the best establishments.

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