Cancer Support Limousin

Cancer Support Limousin

Cancer and its treatment is difficult enough in your own country, but in a new land, often with limited language skills it can be very difficult indeed. That is why the Association Cancer Support France was created. At the start of 2007 there was only 1 branch of CSF, in addition to the National Office in the Charente, across the whole of France. Following the development work carried out this year there are now 7 branches covering major areas of France from Normandie in the north to Gascony in the Midi-Pyrenees.

The organization aims to offer support in various forms be it linguistic, emotional or practical so please feel free to contact them via e-mail, telephone or in person. If they cannot deal with your call immediately, a time will be arranged with you when you can be given full attention. The team are all volunteers many of whom have had training from the MacMillan organization and several who have had cancer themselves or have a loved one with the illness.
CSF is now looking to set up a group in the Limousin and would love to hear from any one who could offer their services as a volunteer. An initial meeting to explore the possibility of starting a branch in the Creuse department 23 is already set for early in 2008.

If you are interested in in attending to hear about the work of CSF and what is involved in starting a branch please contact them
CSF Vice President Paul Martin on 0545 303178 or email: [email protected]

Helen French on 0555 633573 or email [email protected]

Cancer Support France Creuse Branch

Next meeting 25th february 2pm
salle de fete,
St Pierre de Fursac
dept 23
We are still looking for more volunteers, throught the CREUSE,
for admin and fund raising,

For more information on CSF visit

Cancer Support France is an official Association according to the French law of 1901

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