Christ Church Brittany

Christ Church Brittany

An Anglican Church in Brittany

Christ Church Brittany began, as many good things do, in a very small way back in 1999, in Ploërmel. Since then, Christ Church has grown and now has three worship centres: the original one in Ploërmel, a second at Rostrenen in central Brittany and a third in Huelgoat in Finistère.

Brittany is a very large area and has many thousands of English speakers, either resident or visiting in the summer months. Many of those feel a need for an English speaking church and Christ Church is able to answer this need. We follow the Anglican tradition but our congregations come from a wide variety of backgrounds, traditions and denominations.

2005 saw us move to a new building in Ploërmel, owned by and supported greatly by the Brothers at Maison Mère des Frères. This new building housed not only a chapel for our worship but also included a room where we were able to base our English books library (open to all for a small fee) and a large coffee/meeting room. This room holds regular functions including a weekly mums and toddlers group, a weekly Anglo/Franco conversation group, regular social evenings and other activities.

When it became apparent that there was a need for further services to the west of Ploërmel, a second worship centre was opened, settling in the Chapel of the Collège/Lycée de Campostal, Rostrenen. There was also found to be a need for a regular church service for people living even further north and west and eventually Huelgoat in Finistère was chosen for a permanent base to serve this area. Christ Church Brittany has continued to grow and congregations now meet for services on a weekly basis in Ploërmel and fortnightly in Rostrenen and Huelgoat.

Christ Church is not only for churchgoers, as in addition to the regular services there are also many social events that take place, open to anyone who is interested. These include: social evenings, concerts, coffee mornings, walks and the annual Fête at Ploërmel. All of these help us to serve the greater community, whether English speaking or not, and we are able to offer help whether it be just a friendly face to talk to, or for the provision of more formal occasions such as weddings, baptisms or funeral services.

Christ Church Brittany has close ties with French churches in the region and many joint services take place. These have included a number of carol services at Christmas, which are now held annually at various locations throughout Brittany. Christ Church is primarily there for English speakers in France but all are welcome, whatever the background or language spoken. If you are interested in finding out more about our services or other activities or where we are located, then check out the Christ Church Brittany website or send us an email.

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