Teaching Kids French: My Children’s Favourite French TV Shows



Teaching Kids French: My Children’s Favourite French TV Shows

Aren’t young people supposed to be glued to the television and to technology? Not so much at our house! Living in the beautiful Charente, our lives are very much centred around outdoor family activities and family life. Our children spend so much time in summer in the pool, at the lake, hanging from trees or playing games with us after a family dinner or barbecue.

However, they do watch a bit of telly when it is super-hot outdoors, or they just want to wind down after a busy day, and they don’t fancy their current novel.

So, here are some of their favourite French programmes (or English-language programmes that are broadcast over here in French):

The Jurassic World Series

This is an animated adventure of a group of friends exploring the Jurassic World Park, which is familiar to us from the film trilogy. There’s always a problem to solve, and peril is never too far away. Harmless viewing for youngsters.


The gentleman thief series is a hit with our whole family, and series 3 is out in October 2023. Essentially, it is a story of the revenge of Assane Diop for his Senegalese immigrant father, who was framed for the theft of an exquisite diamond. It is based on the literary work of Maurice Leblanc in the early 1900s, which both children study at College.

Young Sheldon

This is a spin-off from the American series “The Big Bang Theory”. It depicts the 9-year-old prodigy struggling to fit in with his peers and social setting in East Texas. It’s not a favourite of mine personally, but it seems to be a big hit with all the teens visiting our house.


This is a comedy horror TV series based on the character Wednesday Adams from the Adams Family fame. At times, I feel this is a little too scary, but the children don’t seem phased at all – it’s only me hiding behind cushions!!!

C’est du Gateaux!

Light-hearted, comedic viewing where contestants are shown a magnificent cake creation and asked to represent it. The contestants are “home bakers,” to say the least – often with little or zero baking skills, which produces hilarious results. These are then graded on a sliding scale.

Le Meilleur Patissier!

It is a similar concept to the above show but more serious, and it is based on the familiar “Bake Off!” formula.

Learn French while watching TV!

Being an English-speaking family, we feel it is important for our children to maintain their French language skills over the holidays. Watching French TV and reading in French, as well as socialising with French friends, are all important ways to maintain those links during holiday time.

We have definitely found that rural lives centre around the family and the beautiful landscape here. We all watch the TV from time to time – more so over the winter months. But, truth be told, our family watches much less TV here in France than in our former lives in the UK, and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

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Carol, a teacher from Hurworth in Darlington, lives in Charente in South-West France, where she runs La Grue Gites with her family.

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