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School Insurance in France

If you’re from the USA, UK or Australia the concept of School Insurance may seem a little strange, but this is one of many mandatory insurance policies that French residents are required to take out. So, how does it work and what does it cover?

French School Insurance: How it Works

French school insurance is essentially a third party liability policy that covers your child for any damage caused by them to school property or other people. This insurance is required for all children attending a French state school and when you register your child for school in France you will be asked for an attestation d’assurance scolaire (certificate of School Insurance).

Your insurer will be able to provide this attestation.

Choosing a French school insurance policy

Civil liability insurance (responsabilité civile propriétaire) is an essential insurance for all homeowners and renters in France, and the minimum required cover for all home insurance policies. Your children will also be covered under your policy up until the age of 18. Typically, assurance scolaire (school insurance) is either included in your French home insurance policy or can be added as an optional extra. This insurance is also often known as 24/24 insurance.

Alternatively, it is possible to take out a school insurance policy with most insurers.

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Be sure to check with your insurer that this insurance is included and also what it covers. A basic policy will cover your child for third party incidents only, however, a more comprehensive policy can also cover loss or damage to your child’s belongings, assistance in case your child is unable to attend school, and even protection against cyber-harassment or bullying. Some policies also cover the time the child is travelling to and from school – however, on school buses the transport company’s insurance does cover this.

If your child is to be allowed to go on school trips, as well as participate in activities outside the curriculum such as extracurricular sports, you may also need additional insurance that will cover any injury your child suffers.

How much does school insurance in France cost?

School insurance in France is typically very affordable. Be sure to check your existing home insurance as you may find the minimum cover is already included. Alternatively, insurers such as MMA quote school insurance as starting from €12 per year.  For a more comprehensive policy, expect to pay around €25 a year.

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