school insurance in france

If you’re from the USA, UK or Australia the concept of School Insurance may seem a little strange. What is it for?

When you register your child for school you will be asked for an attestation d’assurance scolaire (certificate of School Insurance). This confirms that your child is covered for damage caused by them to school property or other people.

To be able to show this you will need civil liability insurance (responsabilité civile propriétaire) which is an essential third party insurance in France, and is often – but not always – included in the basic home insurance policy. Ask your insurer for an attestation.

However, if your child is to be allowed to go on school trips, as well as participate in activities outside the curriculum such as extracurricular sports, you will need additional insurance that will cover any injury your child suffers.

This assurance scolaire (school insurance) can also cover loss or damage to your child’s belongings. Some policies also cover the time the child is travelling to and from school – however, on school buses the transport company’s insurance does cover this.

As with home insurance, you can choose a policy that gives you basic cover or one that gives you more. The latter will, of course, cost more too.

Before you buy, check your home insurance policy – the basic assurance scolaire may be included in it. If not, you can get a policy from most insurers.

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