The key to learning French is practice, practice, practice… and a great sense of humour!

Géraldine went through the experience of living abroad, so she is in a unique position to understand what it is to feel disconnected and isolated by the limitations of speaking in a foreign language.

In this episode of Comme Une Française TV, Géraldine helps us acquire a very necessary skill. It’s rude to point our finger, so what to do in a situation where we need, or are determined to get, an item in a shop if we are not familiar with the French term for it? What is the best or simplest way of asking for something in French when you don’t know the word, or you have it on the tip of your tongue but you just can’t remember?

Here’s help!


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Comme Une Française TVGéraldine Lepère is a French language and lifestyle expert. Through her popular “Comme Une Française” blog, videos, and training programs, she helps people relocating to France to integrate, and gain confidence in their language skills. In her own words, she’s here “to help you love France”.

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