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Géraldine Lepère is a French language and lifestyle expert. Through her popular “Comme Une Française” blog, videos, and training programs, she helps people relocating to France to integrate, and gain confidence in their language skills. In her own words, she’s here “to help you love France”.

With her honesty, her sensitivity for cultural differences and her relaxed tone, Géraldine inspires people to enjoy and understand the French language and culture. Comme Une Française has been featured in The Sunday Times, The Telegraph, The Independent, The Guardian, 20 Minutes, M6, and others.

Articles by Géraldine Lepère

Sad topics in French @CommeUneFrançaise

Talking about sad topics in French

When sad events happen, it is difficult to find the words to express our support or sympathy in French. It is never easy, even in our own language. How should we react? What can we say or do to help?

©Comme une Française

Learning French: How to ask a question

VIDEO: in this episode of her popular Comme une Française series, Géraldine helps us with a simple way to ask a question in French. In each of six different way to phrase a question there is a subtle change in the degree of politeness that is appropriate to each situation.

How to order a coffee in France

VIDEO: we understand how challenging it can be to get through the simplest things in a foreign language. In this episode of Comme Une Française TV, we learn how to order a coffee in France.