When sad events happen, it is difficult to find the words to express our support or sympathy in French. It is never easy, even in our own language. How should we react? What can we say or do to help?

Géraldine is a French language and lifestyle coach that has gone through the experience of living abroad, so she understands what it is to feel disconnected and isolated by the limitations of speaking in a foreign language.

In this episode of Comme Une Française TV, Géraldine helps us find what to say or write to friends, acquaintances, or family members in these situations, where words might fail us.



Comme Une Française TVGéraldine Lepère is a French language and lifestyle expert. Through her popular “Comme Une Française” blog, videos, and training programs, she helps people relocating to France to integrate, and gain confidence in their language skills. In her own words, she’s here “to help you love France”.

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