French Verb Focus: Pleuvoir (To Rain)


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French Verb Focus: Pleuvoir (To Rain)

Pleuvoir, meaning to rain, exists of course only in the third person singular or ‘il’ form. Because of this, I am just giving one example sentence for each of several tenses here,
but two for the present tense.


Il pleut beaucoup au mois de juillet. – It rains a lot in the month of July.
Il pleut depuis le matin. – It has been raining since this morning. (Notice that French uses the present tense in this construction, whereas English uses the present perfect continuous tense.)


Il a plu toute la journée. – It rained all day.


Il pleuvra demain à Paris. – It will rain tomorrow in Paris.


Il pleuvait quand je me suis levé ce matin. – It was raining when I got up this morning.


Il pleuvrait certainement si nous sortions. – It would be sure to rain if we went out.


Je veux qu’il pleuve. – I want it to rain.

There is no imperative of pleuvoir, since it exists only in the third person singular form.

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