Useful French Phrases: In An Emergency


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Useful French Phrases: In An Emergency

Knowing who to call in an emergency in France is essential – here’s some useful vocabulary to practice just in case.

Calling an Ambulance

I need an ambulance: J’ai besoin d’une ambulance OR Il me faut une ambulance..

I’ve had a heart attack: J’ai eu une crise cardiaque.

My husband/my wife has had a heart attack: Mon mari/ma femme a eu une crise cardiaque.

My son/my daughter is no longer breathing (has stopped breathing): Mon fils/Ma fille ne respire plus.

My husband/my wife is no longer breathing: Mon mari/ma femme ne respire plus.

Contacting the Police

There’s been a break-in at my house: Il y a eu un cambriolage chez moi

I need help: J’ai besoin de l’assistance

Calling the Fire Brigade

My house is on fire: Ma maison est en feu.

My land is on fire: Mon terrain est en feu..

There’s a fire at my house: Il y a le feu chez moi.

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