French Vocabulary & Phrases: Talking About the Weather


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French Vocabulary & Phrases: Talking About the Weather

The British may have a reputation for talking about the weather, but the French are equally obsessed! Here’s what to say when you want to join in…

What is the weather like today? Quel temps fait-il aujourd’hui?

It is cold Il fait froid

It is very cold Il fait trés froid

It is hot Il fait chaud

It is sunny Il fait soleil

It is snowing Il neige

It is raining Il pleut

It is still raining Il pleut toujours

It is windy Il y a du vent

It is foggy Il fait du brouillard

It is icy Il ya du gel
What a lovely day! Quel beau temps!/Quelle belle journée! Il fait beau!

Enjoy the sunshine! Profitez du soleil!

What awful weather! Quel mauvais temps!

What is the temperature? Quelle témperature fait-il?

What is the weather forecast? Comment est la méteo?

What will the weather be like tomorrow? Quel temps fera-t-il demain ?

It will be sunny Il fera soleil

It will rain Il pleuvra

It will be stormy Il y aura des orages

It will be very windy Il fera beaucoup de vent

Will it rain tomorrow? Il pleuvra demain?

It will be a very cold winter Ce sera un hiver trés froid

It will be a very hot summer Ce sera un été trés chaud

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