Quel is an interrogative adjective used in questions to mean ‘which’ or ‘that’. It has to agree with the noun that it precedes, and the different forms are as follows:

masculine singular – quel
masculine plural – quels
feminine singular – quelle
feminine plural – quelles

Here are some examples of questions using quel:

Quelle heure est-il? – What time is it?
Il est dix heures vingt. – It’s ten twenty.

Quel temps fait-il? – What’s the weather like?
Il fait du soleil mais il fait froid. – It’s sunny but cold.

Quel âge avez-vous? – How old are you?
J’ai trente-cinq ans.

Quels fruits aimez-vous? – Which fruits do you like?
J’aime les fraises et les framboises. – I like strawberries and raspberries.

Ils prennent quel train? – Which train are they taking?
Ils prennent le prochain train. – They’re taking the next train.

Quel can also be used in indirect questions, as follows:

Elle m’a demandé quel film j’avais vu. – She asked me which film I’d seen.

Je voulais savoir quels pays il avait visités. – I wanted to know which countries he had visited.

Tu sais quelle robe j’ai achetée. – You know which dress I bought.

Quel can also be used to mean ‘what a…’

Quel dommage! – What a pity!

Quelle belle dame! – What a beautiful lady!

With thanks to Elizabeth Allen

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