Book review: La Tartine Gourmande

Book review: <i>La Tartine Gourmande</i>

La Tartine Gourmande
Béatrice Peltre, Roost Books, $35

In the unforgiving world of social media for foodies, you don’t get 27,000 Instragram followers unless you cook brilliantly and take lovely photos. Béatrice Peltre, whose website we featured last issue, is very much in the vanguard of food writer/photographers, whose visual representation of her lifestyle often moves beyond the culinary.

The recipes herein are light, fresh and always inventive, and the image projected by the author is unequivocally wholesome. Some readers may take yet greater inspiration from the fact that Béatrice wrote, cooked for, styled and photographed the whole book while caring for a newborn child. Béatrice, we salute you! ★★★★


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