Book review: Bon courage!

Book review: <i>Bon courage!</i>

Bon courage!
Richard Wiles, Summersdale Books, £8.99

Richard Wiles is famed for a succession of DIY books, and was the Senior Editor of Ideal Home Magazine. After his marriage failed and he lost said job, Richard felt compelled to embark upon the ultimate DIY adventure, along with his new partner Al – namely, to renovate an uninhabitable, rodent-infested Limousin barn.

This account of their trials and tribulations, thoughtfully-titled after a tongue-in-cheek French expression – with a knowing nod towards life’s necessary and unexpected ‘renovations’ – is a charming, easygoing and insightful read. Richard’s tale will provide great inspiration to anyone who is contemplating their own similar project. ★★★★

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