Book review: Picnic in Provence, Elizabeth Bard

Book review: <i>Picnic in Provence</i>, Elizabeth Bard

This second memoir from the author of Lunch in Paris may have the makings of a cliché, following the well-known trope of an American carving out a new life in France. But with ease and grace, Bard overturns any stereotypes that could threaten her down-to-earth and highly readable account of moving to rural Provence, starting a family and opening an ice cream shop.

With an optimistic tone, Bard charts her experiences of early motherhood and a parallel search for fulfilment in a style that’s conversational, confessional – sometimes even heart-breaking – but always real. Her story’s personal yet universal and depicts Provençal life in all of its sun-kissed simplicity. Highly recommended. ★★★★

Summersdale, £8.99

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With a BA in French and History of Art from the University of Bristol, Florence spent a year living in Paris, studying Art History at the Sorbonne and working in publishing. She travels regularly back to France for both work and pleasure. Florence's passion for France revolves around its gastronomy, art and pleasure-seeking lifestyle, and the rebellious streak found only in a nation constantly looking for an excuse to go on strike!

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