France attracting buyers from Australia

France attracting buyers from Australia

Attention in French market at an all-time high

France is increasingly attracting the attention of buyers from Australia. According to property experts, sales of French property to Australian buyers has reached record levels never experienced before.

Australian investors are snapping up cheap properties in France, says Nathan Mawby. Thanks to the strong Aussie dollar, rural properties that would not look out of place in a fairy tale cost just $20,000 more than Adelaide’s current median house price of $384,000.

Distance doesn’t need to make a property search any harder. There are high-calibre professionals at your disposal to answer your questions and narrow down the search in advance of your visit.

In the current market there will be a wide choice of properties for sale and some good deals to be had. But how do you know whether the price is fair? How long has the house been for sale? Why does it seem cheaper than others? Is this village more popular than another? Our property finders have the local market evidence that can help you avoid the valuation pitfalls and negotiate far more off the price of your ideal property than you might think possible.

For further information or for help with your property search, you can always contact Fleur Buckley, FrenchEntrée Property Services Manager.
Tel. +44 (0)1225 463 752

With all these resources at your disposal there are no more excuses. France is waiting for you!

•Sylvia Davis

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