‘Nice stole our hearts!’

‘Nice stole our hearts!’

Fact file

Names: Natalie Stacey-Conway and Martin Conway
From: Perth, Australia
Occupations: Legal clerk and director of an IT firm

You decided to invest in a holiday rental apartment a long way from home. Why Nice and the Côte d’Azur?

Home is where your heart is and Nice has stolen ours! When you consider the location, the amenities, the relaxed friendly people, the Côte d’Azur vibe – not to mention the reasonable cost of buying and high investment value of Nice – then it was an easy decision.

You settled on a studio apartment, which was smaller than you originally envisaged buying. It was a great choice, however.

We could have chosen a bigger apartment, but instead we went for location and style. It is a little top-floor apartment with a great terrace that oozes romance. A lazy breakfast on the balcony looking out over the pretty rooftops of Nice is the perfect way to start the day.

Did you do much homework on the French property market before choosing Nice?

We spent probably five months researching France in general, but just couldn’t get beyond what Nice has to offer for the money.

At the time you were a little unsure about using a property finder. What advantages did the service offer?

We remember being nervous about sending a deposit to someone that we had never met! But after talking it through, we felt reassured that we were dealing with a professional. It turned out to be the best decision that we made. We simply could not have purchased without your services. Let’s not forget that the property that you managed to find was not even on the market!
Trying to navigate the legalities of buying in a foreign country would have been a nightmare. You took care of everything and we knew you were working in our interests. Without your services we would have probably backed out. I can’t recommend it enough.

The apartment is a successful holiday rental earner. How have you found managing the upkeep of the apartment and the rental side of things from a distance?

Managing the apartment has been a breeze. Your recommendation to use Your Nice Apartments (a rental agency based in Nice) was spot on. Their team is first-class, professional and they manage everything for us. The net return is great too!

How often do you plan to visit?

We hope to be in Nice three times a year. The problem is that once we are here, it’s hard to leave.

What in particular do you enjoy about the French way of life?

The French live for all five senses. Life is about being passionate and sensuous, which they express through their art, fashion, food, wine and beauty. We also like the way the French value simple pleasures over material things. In Nice you have this wonderful French life combined with the stunning Mediterranean coastline. The extra bonus is the glitz and glamour if you need it!

Do you have any tips for people looking to buy a rental investment in Nice?

First do your homework. Second, remember that what you see on the web is not always the reality. Third, get Côte Abode property finders involved early on and listen to their advice. Finally, follow your dream.

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