Chats du Quercy

Chats du Quercy

Cat Rescue and Rehoming Centre

Based in Miramont de Quercy, (Tarn et Garonne, Midi-Pyrénées) Chats du Quercy is a charity on a mission to find permanent homes for homeless cats and kittens with responsible and caring owners.

The rescue centre aims to provide quality, short-term housing in a safe, disease-free and stimulating environment. It is well documented that the long term enclosure of cats can have far-reaching implications on their health and welfare.

Chats du Quercy will provide its feline guests with qualified veterinary treatment, quality food and a high standard of care. Regular human contact will be given to further reduce the psychological effects of being in an enclosed environment.

The rescue centre is registered with the UK DEFRA equivalent – Direction Départementale Services Vétérinaires (DDSV) at the local prefecture under the number 82096 – ACD. It complies with all known legislation and is subject to inspection by the DDSV.

The charity prides itself on its dedication to the five freedoms:

1. Freedom from hunger and thirst – Chats du Quercy will provide fresh water and the right food for good health.

2. Freedom from discomfort – Chats du Quercy will make sure that the cats in its care have the right kind of environment, including shelter and a comfortable place to rest.

3. Freedom from pain, injury and disease – Chats du Quercy will work to prevent illness and allow for rapid diagnosis if cats fall ill.

4. Freedom to behave normally – Chats du Quercy will make sure that cats have sufficient room and proper facilities.

5. Freedom from fear and distress – Chats du Quercy will make sure conditions and treatment prevent the cats from suffering mentally.


Financial situation

Chats du Quercy requires a cash injection of 6,000 euros to cover the refurbishment and enlargement of its current facilities. To cover any shortfall in finances, Chats du Quercy intends to:

• Provide a cattery service at a reduced rate to those unable to pay full commercial prices. For non-French nationals returning to their country of origin, this would help while a pet passport is obtained and reduce the number of cats abandoned in this way.

• Provide a cat sitting service – teams of volunteers who are willing to care for cats in their own homes. Every year in France, thousands of cats are abandoned before holidays or due to hospitalisation. This proposal should help towards alleviating this problem.

• Apply for grant aid.

• Open more shop premises(Chats du Quercy already has one charity shop up and running) and hold fundraising functions.


Lynn Stone has a track record in cat welfare. Since moving to France in 2001, Lynn and her husband Ron have been involved with a local cat charity that deals with alleviating the problem of feral cats in local villages. In 2004, they established a cat adoption centre and became the charity’s principle carers.

In 2007, Lynn (vice president of the charity) secured funding from RSPCA International to adapt and improve the adoption centre facilities. These are now the primary base for a new, separate charity, Chats du Quercy.

Since 2004, Lynn and Ron have directly homed more than 800 cats and kittens, and indirectly helped thousands of others all over France.
Rehome Simba
Lynn is currently studying cat behaviour with a view to be able to help even more cats and to address the reasons why cats become homeless.

Could you rehome a cat?To find out more about cats and kittens that need permanent homes, please contact Lynn at [email protected].

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