Nikki’s veggie poem

Nikki’s veggie poem

Wise up and eat
meals with no meat
get your five a day complete
with a lovely veg treat!

use lentils and pasta
for slow energy faster
or try mushrooms and tofu
with black pepper and shoyu.

with good olive oil, anything goes
aubergines, courgettes or tomatoes
generously glug into chickpeas
sparingly scatter over goat’s cheese.

blanch, boil or bake
veg also make cake!
stir fry or grill
just do what you will!

spice up your life
with veg tasty and nice
ground cinnamon and turmeric
experiment! that’s the trick!

eat fresh and in season
you know it’s for good reason
your health, their health, the planet’s too
make a big difference, just little ole you!

so take up the pledge
and eat much more veg
join Sean and me at
Under The Lime Tree

Every evening, 8pm

Under the Lime Tree

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