57 year-old French skipper “pulverizes” solo Atlantic crossing record.

57 year-old French skipper “pulverizes” solo Atlantic crossing record.

Francis Joyon has just crossed the invisible finish line of his solo North Atlantic crossing in 5 days, 2 hours and 56 minutes. He managed to break the previous record by over 16hours over the course of the 2.880 nautical miles (5.334 km), as reported by Libération. The voyage starts and ends at previously determined and agreed points outside New York and Soutwest England respectively.

France has a long tradition of sailing and always shines in the main competitions like the Volvo Ocean Race or the Vendée Globe. This is another feather in the French cap. Joyon sailed a trimaran single-handed, keeping an average speed of 27knots (could have whipped past more than one cruiseliner along the way).

Chapeau bas!

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