One-Minute News: French property headlines

One-Minute News: French property headlines

We comb through the news so you don’t have to.

In just 60 seconds you can keep up with property news and the current trends in the French property market. The following is a brief selection of the main highlights of recent headlines in the French media. • 24th February 2017

Taxe d’habitationexemption: questions raised by Emmanuel Macron’s fine promise

The candidate of the movement “En marche!” Announced a real tax shock. But many points remain to be clarified in order to measure their scope …
÷÷÷ •  February 2017

The program for housing – Candidates questioned by the Abbé Pierre Foundation

Except Marine le Pen, who was not invited, the candidates (or their representative) in the presidential election presented their measures to stem the housing crisis.
÷÷÷ • 27th February 2017

Here is what the radiator of tomorrow could look like

IN IMAGES – The first design competition on this theme launched by a French manufacturer proves the radiator can combine aesthetics and innovation.
÷÷÷ • 28th February 2017

To comply with the law, Airbnb limits the duration of bookings in Paris

The Airbnb platform proposes to automatically limit the bookings of accommodation to 120 nights per year in Paris, the maximum permitted by law to rent a main residence. The solution does not satisfy, the mayor of Paris.

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