Quick-Start Guide to the Paris 2024 Olympics



Quick-Start Guide to the Paris 2024 Olympics

Paris is hosting the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, and plans are already well underway for the big event. Here’s what you need to know.

When and where?

Friday, July 26th until Sunday, August 11th 2024, sees Paris hosting the Olympic Games and, from August 28th until September 8th 2024, the Paralympic Games.

Paris’s iconic landmarks are being transformed to host the games, showing off this beautiful city to the world. For example, there is the Eiffel Tower stadium, the Trocadero and La Concorde. See the central Paris venues here.

Events are also being held in the wider Paris area to showcase the Seine and St.Denis areas of the city.

Venues are also throughout France itself. For example, the football will be played in Bordeaux, Nantes, Lyon, Saint Etienne, Nice and Marseille. Handball and basketball will be played in Lille. Sailing fans need to head to Marseille and, for surfing, Tahiti!

The Para-triathlon will begin from a floating pontoon in front of Pont Alexandre III with 1000 onlookers seated in a purpose-built stand. After a 750-metre swim in the Seine, it’s off around Le Grand Palais, Le Petit Palais and l’Assemblee Nationale. This should be one of the many highlights of the first Paris Paralympic Games.

Who are the mascots?

The 2024 Paris Olympics mascots have been revealed – the Phryges, whose aim is to show that sport can improve everything. As an iconic French cap born out of the Revolution, this symbolises the freedom of the Republic, possibility and hope. The Paralympics mascot also has a visible disability, aiming to promote inclusion.

Who is Marianne?

The official logo of the Paris Olympic Games features Marianne. Marianne is the symbol of the French Republic, and statues abound in Maries and Squares throughout France. She is on postage stamps and coins. Her origins are unclear, but we know that Marie-Anne was a popular name in the 18thcentury, and she came to represent the people in the Revolution. She is depicted wearing a Phrygian cap in some images and not in others, as the cap was a very powerful symbol of freedom associated with the Republic. Read more here on the official French Ministry site.

What is LE CLUB PARIS 24?

This is open to anyone – whether you are sporty or just love sport. The aim of this club is to bring people together, give information about the Games and offer unique prizes.

To join, you need to register online and share your favourite sport. You will receive information about online ticket sales, the Olympic torch relay and volunteer programmes. There will also be information about the Flag Tour and visits to the venues of the Games. Members will also have opportunities to take part in events with athletes and other Olympic-related events. There is even an opportunity to win front-row seats for the Opening Ceremony!

You can earn points for your LE CLUB account by synchronising your fitness application with your account too. These points could win you a place in the Paris MARATHON POUR TOUS.

Our family is registering, and we are already planning how we can experience this fabulous sporting event.

After all, “Games Wide Open” (the official Paris 2024 slogan) says it all!

Profitez bien!

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