How to cope with a travel sick dog

You love bringing your dog to France but as soon at he or she sees the car they start to fret and the journey becomes fraught with problems. What can you do? Vet Arielle Griffiths gives some advice…

Fitting into French life: 10 Top Tips

What do you need to do to integrate and enjoy your new Gallic life? Maggi de Rozario, a Brit who has lived in France since 2002, and who has become so at home here that she has been invited by her local mayor to join in planning her village’s future, gives
some advice

Driving in France: key words and phrases

Whether you are moving there or just visiting on holiday, be sure to learn this list of key phrases relating to hiring a car in France, French road signs and other key phrases relating to driving in France Hire car glossary

French dictionary

Take me for a drive

Conduire is an irregular verb meaning to drive, lead or take (someone) to a place. I have translated the various tenses here with the meaning ‘drive’ for simplicity’s sake, but …

French dictionary

Hold my hand, we can cope!

Tenir, to hold, is conjugated in almost the same way as venir (to come). The difference is that tenir forms the compound tenses (such as the perfect tense) with avoir, …

French dictionary

Before or after?

One of the problems that native English native speakers in mastering the use of French adjectives is the fact that they are usually placed after the noun they modify, which …

FAQ sur les poêles à bois en France

Voici ci dessous quelques questions posées fréquemment. Cependant, n’hésitez pas à nous contacter si la réponse ne s’y trouve pas. Comment savoir quel poêle acheter ? Chauffage d’une pièce – Si vous cherchez un poêle simplement pour chauffer une pièce,

French dictionary

Follow my example

Suivre is an irregular verb that is not too difficult to learn. It means to follow, but also to go on a course or a diet, etc., or to support …

Car Insurance in France

Lot resident Martin Gilliam was recently involved in a car accident which resulted in him discovering what his French car insurance really covered – and what it didn’t! A valuable lesson for everyone who thinks “Tous Risques” covers everything…

Rayburn R300W – Appelez-nous

Cette Rayburn est plus grande que la R200SFW avec un foyer plus grand (pour bûches de 40cm) et une plaque de cuisson plus grande. Le dessus d’une cuisinière Rayburn est équipé d’une grande plaque de cuisson rectangulaire en fonte à

Huntingdon 35 1845€

(A bois ou mixte) Disponible en versions à bois ou mixte, les lignes nettes et gracieuses du Huntingdon 35 rendent ce poêle attrayant même s’il n’est pas allumé. La version à bois a une base en fonte massive car le

Ramonage (à partir de 70€)

· · Conduits dégagés · Nids d’oiseaux, vermine et débris retirés · Tests d’évacuation de la fumée et de contrôle des gaz · Certificat officiel de ramonage En France, il est obligatoire de faire ramoner sa cheminée deux fois par

Installations de poêles-chaudière à bois

Les installations de poêles-chaudière sont par leur nature beaucoup plus compliquées que les installations des poêles ordinaires ne fournissant qu’un service de chauffage tel que le chauffage d’une pièce. Tout comme n’importe quel autre type de chaudière, que ce soit

Installations de poêles et de revêtements

On nous demande toujours le prix d’une installation d’un poêle à bois ou d’un revêtement de cheminée. La réponse n’est pas toujours simple car il y a une gamme très étendue de poêles, cheminées et conduits différents. A Stove-Sellers, nous


Castelnaudary and Lauragais Property Guide

The Lauragais encompasses the west of the Aude department of the Languedoc-Roussillon, west of Carcassonne, and extends into the eastern corner of the Midi-Pyrenees region south of Toulouse. Great transport links and rural charm make this a popular spot for home buyers.

Duty free shopping in Andorra

As if the department of the Pyrenees Orientales didn’t have enough going for it already, for those with a passion for shopping there is an added bonus to be found on its south-west border … Andorra!
“Duty Free Shopping”

AVF Banner Logo

AVF – Help When Moving to Your New Town

AVF (Acceuil des Villes Francaises) is a national association (registered under French law) with 350 local branches throughout France including 3 in Deux-Sevres. It is a non-political organisation, run by trained volunteers. There are plenty of events and also French conversation groups.

Property Arranging Trips

We can arrange your flights, car hire and holiday home accommodation or a ferry trip together with bed and breakfast stops along the way should you wish to do this and take a chance to explore more of France.

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Ask The Experts: French Mortgage FAQ’S

Frequently Asked Questions about Mortgages for French Property Q. How much will I be able to borrow? Most lenders in France will let you borrow 40% to 80% of the value of your property. However, it all depends on your

Cook In France

“Making pastry” The Fisher’s impeccably-run cooking holidays take place in their beautifully converted barn. The smooth running of their courses gives an atmosphere of calm, while Jim and Lucy are relaxed. You would have no idea…

Paying bills in France

Escaping to your dream home in France unfortunately doesn’t mean escaping from paying bills, but take heart as many methods of payment in France are not that different from those you are already used to in your home country.