car insurance in france

French Car Insurance

Insuring your vehicle in France is not dissimilar to doing so in the UK. There, are, however, some differences you need to be aware of, whether it is your only motor or a second one.

Moving House? A Handy Removal Countdown Checklist

This is a comprehensive list of things to do at various points during the removal process. Following this checklist will take away some of the pressure of thinking of too many things at once, or having to make last minute changes for forgotten necessities.

Traditional Dordogne home in Sarlat

Dordogne Property Guide

The Dordogne has been popular with house-buyers from outside the Hexagon. But there are many things to consider before you buy, so here’s a guide to the different attractions of the Dordogne and points to ponder before you sign on the dotted line.

UK TV in France

Many English-speaking residents are interested in watching UK TV in France to keep up with their favourite programms and films, and get the news in their own language.

Autoroute in France

Driving in France – an Introduction

Before setting off onto the French roads, it is vital to acquaint yourself with some basic principals concerning driving in France as well as the road network and administrative requirements relating to driving licences.

Where should you go skiing in France?

Skiing in France is something of a ‘no-brainer’. France has the biggest ski area in the world, laying claim to an unbelievable 30% of the world’s surface area devoted to the sport.

Giampaolo Squarcina via Flickr

New EU succession regulations raise concerns

French inheritance law is substantially different from the position in the UK. After much debate on the new EU succession regulations effective August 2015 it is still a fact that owning assets in another jurisdiction increases legal and tax complexity.

Road signs France

Driving in France

Driving in FranceWelcome to our comprehensive guide to driving in France. Here, you can find all the new rules of the road and French road signs. Discover everything you need to know about the French autoroute and all the law changes

French vocabulary: at the train station

Helpful words to smooth your way between the la salle d’attente (waiting room) and la voiture buffet (buffet car) via le guichet (ticket office). Here’s hoping there’s no travaux (engineering works) and that you arrive à l’heure (on time).

Drinking & Driving in France

The relaxed attitude to drinking and driving in France has surprised and sometimes delighted many foreign visitors. Tales such as the account in ‘A Year in Provence’, where policemen were helping drunk partygoers into their cars at the end of a village meal were not rare. But things have swiftly changed, since the French government pledged to lower the terrifyingly high number of deaths on French roads…

Stick Shift

Driving in France

American licenses may be eligible for a reciprocal exchange towards a French one, depending on the state of issue of the original.

The Future of Property Search Is Mobile

A guest blog from our property man in Cognac, Graham Downie: Strutt & Parker seem to be getting a decent amount of press coverage today for their announcement that they will be adding QR codes to their sale boards. “Use your mobile

Montaigut le Blanc

King of the Castle

Terry Ferdinand, who has a holiday home in the Creuse department, shares with us the delights of an unexpected trip around a local château. Terry and his wife were on their weekly shopping trip to Gueret but managed to fit in a fascinating history lesson en route.

Ski property near Chamonix

Plans for a new development of ski apartments close to Chamonix have been unveiled by MGM. The Résidence Le Tétras Lyre, named after the Black Grouse that frequent the area, will comprise eight two- and three-bedroom apartments.

Succession law

Death and Taxes

Two things are inevitable, death and taxes. If you are a resident of England or Wales and have amongst your assets a French property (being land in France, whether built on or not), the law of succession in England and Wales will apply to the whole of your estate with the exception of the French land.

Wood moisture checker

Why Wood Burners Are Eco-friendly

One of the most eco-friendly methods of heating your home has to be by using wood as a preferred source of fuel and few other countries are as well stocked with this commodity as France…


Motorcyling in the Quercy

Like a good many of us who plunge straight into moving lock, stock and barrel to France, never having had a holiday home here, we underestimated the challenge of living in a foreign country…

How to save money on your telephone costs and have a better service

The time when there were few choices of companies to buy your telephone line and other services from has long passed, but with so many suppliers offering different deals it has never been harder to ensure that you have value for money. With the poor exchange rate and low levels of interest many peoples’ budgets are being squeezed and the search for good savings is more challenging than ever before.

Protecting your dog from heatstroke

Beating the heat is extra tough for dogs because they can only cool themselves by panting and sweating through their footpads. This process is inefficient when there is only hot air to breathe. Even leaving windows down or providing bowls of water will not stop heat stroke from happening.

How to Cut Energy Bills in Your French Home

Image not found.With the cost of energy rising, it’s more important than ever to find the most effecting ways of heating and providing energy for your house. Marc Asker of EcoPower considers the options and gives some practical advice