The Future of Property Search Is Mobile

The Future of Property Search Is Mobile

A guest blog from our property man in Cognac, Graham Downie:

Strutt & Parker seem to be getting a decent amount of press coverage today for their announcement that they will be adding QR codes to their sale boards.

“Use your mobile to scan the code and the phone will then show full property details including floorplans and photos, as well as offering the option to complete a short request form for further information or a viewing”.

Barton & Wyatt said that they would be incorporating QR codes into their boards & advertising a while back too.

I guess that the question is…. “will people stop the car and get out to scan the code”?

I don’t know the answer and have an open mind, only time will tell.  For sure they would be very handy for me as I drive down some of the remoter French country lanes and see an “A vendre” sign in front of a mile long drive-way.  I also think that video is going to play an increasing part in the way we market property and QR codes could tie in nicely.

What I do know for sure is that “mobile” is quickly going to play a big role in the way that agents/vendors will be marketing their houses. At the moment 45% of internet users use a mobile to connect to the internet and within the next two years smartphones are forecast to reach 90% penetration in the UK.

Don’t forget I live in a country where the majority of agents still don’t tell you in which town a house is located.

Most do have websites now, but they tend to be steam driven.  It sounds jingoistic but it’s the agencies with international ownership that are leading the way.  As an example, take a look at the map search facility and virtual tours on the Leggett site here.

All food for thought methinks….. please do feel free to leave you own ideas as to the future of property marketing in the comments section below.

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