How to Access UK TV in France


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How to Access UK TV in France

If you’ve moved to France from the UK, one of the most sought-after home comforts, aside from food, has to be television! Here’s how to stay connected and access UK TV in France.

Accessing English-language TV in France

Most internet television packages in France include some English-speaking channels such as BBC World News, CNN, France 24, Al Jazeera English, Sky News etc.

Orange and the other major providers also provide a ‘bouquet anglophone’ which gives access to English channels for a fee.

Read our guide to setting up phone, TV, and internet in France.

Watching UK TV in France: Your Options

Will my UK appliances work in France?

UK television and DVD players will work in France with a simple adapter; however, an adapter is not a long-term solution which is compatible with most French household insurance policies.

Online Streaming in France

Using the internet to access television programmes or films is an increasingly popular option if you live in an area with good internet connectivity. A VPN may be needed to ensure you can watch all the programmes you would like to.

France also has access to Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon Prime. All you need to do is to subscribe.

France 24 – this channel was specifically aimed at people living outside of France and is English speaking.

What is a VPN?

This is a Virtual Private Network. It is a way to keep your internet identity private online. It also allows you to connect to UK online streaming from France.

Here are some suggested VPN providers:

Atlas, CyberGhost, Express, Nord, Surfshark and Vypr

After doing your research to find the deal best suited to your needs, you will need to sign up for an account and then install the necessary software.

Satellite television in France

English television can be accessed by aligning your satellite to access the UK channels. You will need a satellite dish, a television and a ‘digi-box’.

The satellite needs to be set to 28.2 degrees East and be part of the Astra 2 Group. Accurate positioning is vital, and equipment can be purchased from a DIY store to help with this, or professionals can often achieve success in much less time.

TV & Satellite: Useful Vocabulary

Une parabole – a satellite dish

Streaming en direct – live streaming

Cable peritel – scart cable

Reseau Prive Virtuel – VPN

Local Life in France

From shopping at the supermarket to sending a parcel at Post Office, finding your local dechetterie to who to call in an emergency—FrenchEntrée is here to help with every aspect of day-to-day living in France. Read our Essential Reading guides for advice on living in France, visit our Shopping zone or Pets zone, or brush up your language skills with our handy learning French resources.

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Carol, a teacher from Hurworth in Darlington, lives in Charente in South-West France, where she runs La Grue Gites with her family.

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  •  Vancouver Headphone
    2023-06-03 01:21:48
    Vancouver Headphone
    As someone who recently relocated to France, I can't stress enough how important it is to have access to UK TV. It's great to learn about the various options available. I've already subscribed to streaming services like Netflix and Disney+, but I'll definitely consider using a VPN to access UK online streaming. Also, the information about aligning the satellite dish for English television is invaluable.


  •  separation vs divorce new jersey
    2023-02-03 05:02:14
    separation vs divorce new jersey
    Thank you for sharing a post, nice to read it, good work keep going


  • Albatross
    2017-01-19 07:41:43
    In the last sentence I meant freeview, not freesat.


  • Albatross
    2017-01-19 07:40:55
    This article is misleading and skewed in favour of Sky. It also uses the .word 'freeview' as opposed to 'freesat'. Freeview is the name of the digital terrestrial system used in the UK and will not give access to UK channels in France. A freesat box will, as will a UK sourced TV with an integrated receiver. The ultimate solution is a Humax freesat receiver/recorder connected to a TV using an HDMI cable, supplied with the Humax box. Scart is old hat. I hope no one buys a freesat box on the strength of this badly researched article.


  • JohnCox
    2015-11-14 11:48:05
    I wonder if anyone can help. Orange say that Freeview is available via their Livebox modem (I believe you also need a TV decorder). How does this work? Is it TV via Internet? I'm more interested in buying a better specification modem than Livebox, but I don't know how I would then get Freeview. Any ideas?


    • DaveP
      2016-01-02 10:38:22
      Hi John, A friend had Orange and was given a box for TV but from memory this was for the French free to air channels. Also if the internet service was slow it needed a dish connecting to it to give a reliable service


  • psymons
    2015-08-05 18:23:16
    can I youse the sky dige box I now have in the UK if i bring it to France or do i need a different one . I am just a bit confused Regards


    • Sylvia Davis
      2015-08-06 18:29:33
      Sylvia Davis
      Hi Psymons, the short answer is yes. Here’s a thread from the forum that you might find interesting. If you are not already a member, the forum is free and open to anyone over 18. There’s lots of friendly people sharing their experience and advice (and fun). Don’t worry if you get a ‘peculiar’ reply at first, it’s just the nature of an open conversation.