French railway lines SNCF finds their missing trains

French railway lines SNCF finds their missing trains

You might think that it’s not that easy to misplace a freight car but that’s exactly what has been happening for the last two years in France. National railway services SNCF has been missing about 150 cargo carriages  that had been mislaid in various locations around their network. In order to find them, the company posted a reward to their employees, at 80 euros per item found. With a literary wink to Proust who wrote the classic “In search of lost time”, the railway company dubbed their campaign “In search of lost wagons”. The treasure hunt yielded results and le Figaro reported that 63 out of 150 missing coaches have been found so far.

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  • railway sleepers
    2014-02-05 10:15:33
    railway sleepers
    SNCF has managed to find less than half of its estranged wagons, after promising a bonus to whomever employee will find them.