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Barbara Heslop

About the author:

Barbara is a valued FrenchEntrée contributor on legal matters. She is an English qualified solicitor who studied French law at the University of Grenoble in France and has extensive experience of both English and French property law and procedure.

Articles by Barbara Heslop

Some Cautionary Tales

  1. When buying a property in France, you must never pay any part of the purchase price direct to the seller. The full purchase price (less the deposit which may sometimes be paid to the estate agent) must be

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Buying in France – Avoid the Common Pitfalls

The French conveyancing system is very well organised and secure. There is no equivalent of reported problems with non existent title deeds (such as in Cyprus) or invalid planning permissions (such as in Spain). So what should those preparing to buy a property in France be wary of?

French inheritance represented by father and son

French Succession Law & The Family of the 21st Century

Nowadays, few families exactly resemble the nuclear/traditional family which the French Civil Code seeks to protect with its strict succession laws – often referred to as “forced heirship rules”. Deciding who will benefit on your death is a complex subject.

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Planning Law and Procedure in France

French planning law and taxes is a huge topic to cover, however the rules and procedures were somewhat simplified by legislation which came into force in 2012.

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So You Can’t Pay Your French Mortgage

There is an underlying expectation in the UK that banks should show consideration for borrowers who find themselves in difficulty and should treat them gently. However, that’s not how it is seen in France. The mortgage deed entitles the bank to repossess if the loan is not repaid.

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Purchasing Land in France

The purchase of land in France is reasonably similar to the purchase of an existing property. However, there are a few differences to be aware of and additional considerations are necessary…