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Stephen Davies is a long-time FrenchEntrée contributor on building and renovation matters in France. He runs “Renovate in France”, a resource of architectural and support services and information for those starting, or already “en-route“ on a renovation, and works full time as a designer, planner and project manager on renovations and new builds.

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Articles by Stephen Davies

Stone house in France

Buying a Property to Renovate in France

Many of the properties for sale come with that key caveat. they ‘need work’. Our expert contributor shares tips for buying a property to renovate in France.

Property in france

Ask The Experts – Renovations

Ready to (re)build your dream home from the ground up? From renovation costs to planning permission, Stephen Davies shares some handy tips

Log cabin in France representing a eco-friendly property

Log Cabins, Chalets and Eco-friendly Property in France

Our growing awareness of the impact we have on our environment has led to a growing interest in eco-buildings as full-time residences. Wood is a sustainable resource and careful husbandry will allow these products to be available long after the plastic, fossil fuel created windows and doors become uneconomical.

Calculating Habitable Space

Surfaces de plancher and Emprise de Sol are the new ways of working out habitable space and footprint. As for the wider implications, well it could save you a tidy sum.


The Basics of French Property Renovation

Stephen Davies offer an insight into the basics of renovating in France, from the pitfalls to the kinds of property that are currently available to take on as a renovation project

Country house in France

Certificat d’urbanisme (CU)

If you are looking at a conversion project in France, or even a plot of land on which to build, a piece of legislation you will need to be familiar with is the certificat d’urbanisme.