On the rue de la Chancellerie, a mere 100m from the palace, the Mayor of Versailles previewed the Cour des Senteurs or courtyard of scents. The idea behind the development is to invite visitors to stroll around the garden and indulge their olfactory senses and at the same time be able to sample the sophisticated preparations of the top French parfumiers. The concept blends luxury flagships like Guerlain, Lenotre, Diptyque and Maison Faibre with the sensual bounty of nature.

Visitors will find interpretive information about the making of the most famous fragrances, and be able to experience for themselves the raw materials that are distilled into essences to become a component of each subtle and complex formula.

The garden opens officially on May 15th, when the aromatic herbs, flowers and trees will be at their best. The 3600 square m garden is open to the public and admission is free.

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