We had over 70 entries to our photography competition and the standard, as you will see, has been very high. But now it’s decision time! We’ve deliberated to reduce this number to a final 10 and the winner will be announced soon. But for now, why not tell us which is your favourite in the comments? Merci!   Justin Postlethwaite Editor, FrenchEntrée

Pia Jakobsen
Pia Jakobsen, Promenade du Paillon, Nice, Summer 2014
Pia Jakobsen
Pia Jakobsen, St Paul de Vence, December 2012
Mike Rhodes
Mike Rhodes, Château Malbrey located southeast of Paris, 2014
Lorraine Cosgrove
Lorraine Cosgrove, Louvre, Paris, September 2014
Laura Payne
Laura Payne, Confolens bridge at night
Frank Meitzke
Frank Meitzke, Paris, August 2014
Brian Muir
Brian Muir, Horsemen of St-Rémy de Provence
Andy Lowe
Andy Lowe, Palace of Versailles, August 2014
Anaïs Soury
Anaïs Soury, Champs-Elysées
Anaïs Soury
Anaïs Soury, Eiffel Tower


25 Responses to “Photography competition: The 10 finalists”

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    I love the photo by Laura Payne, Confolens bridge at night, it captures the ethos of what living in France is all about, stunning……

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    Love the photo of the Confolens Bridge best with the horsemen of Remy a close second

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    lovely photo of the bridge at night laera payne well done.

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    Great telephoto shot from Andy Lowe, really captures the scale of the Palace

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    Well done Laura, fab picture of Confolons. I love it, Paul

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    Mike Rhodes, “Château Malbrey”, is stunning. I will make sure I visit when I go to France.

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    The photo of the Champs Elysee is fantastic. You get a great feel for daily life. Brilliant, well done Anais !!!

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    Mike Rhodes – LOVE you Paris photos. (all of them!) I remember that day at Chateau Malbrey.

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    Love Mike Rhodes’ pic of Chateau Malbrey, beautiful shot and the sky is unbelievable.

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    Mike Rhodes – Château Malbrey. The symmetrical balance, the solid colours and the clean composition create a powerful feeling of wight and stability. Thank you for sharing your sensibility.

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    Have visited,great photo, full of atmosphere. I love this photo, Laura gets my vote.

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    wonderful picture of confolens bridge Well done Laura

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    Laura, this is awesome!! You definitely have an eye for capturing the subtleties of color, texture and lighting….. beautiful photo.

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    My number 1 -Confolens Bridge at Night. Number 2 – Chateau Malbrey.

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    No trip to France is complete without a visit to the Louvre and I love the lighting and shadows, and how people are moving quickly – just like on the streets of Paris. The Louvre is where old meets new in art and architecture – as reflected in Lorraine’s photo.

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    susan s6

    Love the Louvre by Lorraine Cosgrove. Such a great perspective!

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    The Confolens bridge at night gets my vote – the colours the lighting the perspective just magical !

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    I like the Confolens bridge photo the best, the lighting, colours and reflections are wonderful. Well done Laura.

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    Amazing photo by Laura Payne

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    Laura Payne’s photo of Confolens bridge at night is amazing.

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    Wow Laura what an amazing photo of Confolens bridge.

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    Laura Payne what a great picture can see it enlarged and on the wall. Fab.

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