Useful French phrases: season’s greetings and more

Useful French phrases: season’s greetings and more


Whether it be season’s greetings in French for Christmas, Easter, birthday or any other occasion, here are some useful phrases to remember.


Joyeux Noël – Merry Christmas

Bonnes Fêtes! – Happy Holidays

Joyeuses Fêtes – Happy Holidays

Meilleurs Voeux – Best Wishes

La période de Noël or la période des fêtes – the Christmas Season

Le pere Noël – Father Christmas

Le jour de Noël – Christmas Day

La veille de Noël – Christmas Eve

La carte de Noël – the Christmas card

Le sapin de Noël – the Christmas tree

Offrir un cadeau (de Noël) – to give a (Christmas) present

Other greetings…

Bonne Année – Happy New Year

Réveillon – Long elaborate dinner to celebrate New Year’s or Christmas’ eve

Bonne Santé – Good health (also said at new year)

Bon Anniversaire – Happy Birthday

Joyeux Anniversaire – Happy Birthday to You

Joyeuses Pâques – Happy Easter

Words and phrases you may hear…

Une soirée – an evening party

Organiser une fête or donner une réception/soirée – to throw a party (the former expression is less formal than the latter)

Nous sommes invités chez eux – We’re invited to their house.

On nous a invité a prendre un verre – They invited us for a drink.

Une invitation – an invitation

In an Emergency
At the Hairdresser
Buying a Property
Shopping for Clothes & Shoes
At the Post Office

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