How A Buying Agent Can Help You Find Your Dream French Home


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How A Buying Agent Can Help You Find Your Dream French Home

The French property market can be challenging to navigate. With no central platform for properties and homes being listed sometimes solely in agents’ windows, on Facebook or elsewhere, finding your perfect property can be tiresome and time consuming! That’s why having a professional on your side strengthens your chances of finding your dream home.

What exactly is a buying agent or a search agent?

A buying agent is a property professional who works specifically for the buyer. They will be with you from the first step to the last representing your interests in searching for properties, assisting in negotiations, and providing expert guidance throughout.

Why use The Dordogne Buying Agent?

You wouldn’t go on holiday without a guidebook and a bit of the language. My job is to be your guidebook and help you understand the language of property buying in France.

I have worked in the property industry my entire working life. I have a reputation for being straight-talking, personable and caring. I love what I do and am passionate about property and helping buyers find the right property, in the right place at the right price. I live and work in the area which means you benefit from my local knowledge and a truly bespoke service.

I will work with you to refine your criteria and search area, do the groundwork of the search, find a longlist of properties, visit them and maybe throw in the odd curveball. I will then work with you to whittle the list down and arrange a tour of the properties we agree best suit your needs. I’ll use my experience and expertise to then support you all the way through the process of purchasing your dream home.

Buying in the Dordogne may look easy – but the Dordogne is big – the third largest département in France, it is multifaceted – with four subtly distinct Perigord regions within it, and with the culture, weather and wine it is very popular with French and overseas buyers – so can be very competitive!

Aerial view of a medieval town in Dordogne, France

Here are 7 reasons to engage a buying agent:

1. Area Knowledge

You cannot put a price on buying in the wrong place! Therefore, you cannot underestimate the value of a buying agent’s knowledge. Where is the “in” village or town right now, where is the next “in” village or the next ‘must live’ area going to be? Which area has the best transport links, WiFi signal, future infrastructure plans – even mobile phone strength – these are all decision-making factors.

2. Time

They spend time searching so that you don’t have to. No more wasted trips or holidays chasing dream properties – that may not quite be what they look like from afar. Buying a home, a second home or an investment is a full-time job, so use an expert to take the hassle away! The countless hours you’ll save will minimise your stress levels and maximise your chance of successfully finding the property you want.

3. Research

Your buying agent will conduct hours of research into every aspect of a property, the area, the history, the motivation behind why it is being sold, who owned it previously, recent sale prices, historical issues, and ultimately this research will put you in a far stronger negotiating position.

4. Clear criteria

Buying a house can be a very emotional process and it can be easy to crack under pressure and make a purchase you may later regret. Which is why, a buying agent will be there by your side the whole way, making sure you remain level-headed and true to your criteria.

5. Advice

A buying agent is on the ground and on your side. But they’re not just a cheerleader – they’re there to give you honest professional advice and keep you on track, keep you true to your criteria and make sure you buy the right property – not just the one available right now!

6. Negotiation

A good buying agent will save you money, not cost you money. They will understand property values in the area and provide good and sensible comparisons. The emotion that might have driven your decision is replaced with a voice of confidence and recommendation to ultimately save you from overpaying or losing a property.

7. Worth their weight in gold

A buying agent will help you avoid costly mistakes or delays. They will help you through all the stages of the purchase process. They will help you secure your dream home at the right price. They can also help you add long-term value – with contacts who can help with planning and development, build and design. The results you can achieve from working with qualified professionals far outweigh the costs.

Finally, where do you go to find The Dordogne Buying Agent?

If you want advice or guidance contact me:

[email protected]

I offer a range of services from a one off consultation if you have found a property and want a professional opinion, to the full consultation and search process, visiting tours, negotiation, through to completion and beyond.

Lead photo credit : view of the historic village center of Saint-Cyprien with traditional brown stone houses

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