Vaccine and Brexit Expectations Give a Boost to the Pound



Vaccine and Brexit Expectations Give a Boost to the Pound

The British Pound is this week’s best performing major currency. The rise has been aided by two future major events that are hugely impacting exchange rates at the moment.
One is the news of a COVID -19 vaccine developed by the University of Oxford and AstraZeneca providing good results in phase three trials.

The news of the vaccine has delivered a sense of optimism through global markets. The progress on a cure for COVID has also supported the pound as it opens up the possibilities of travelling, reducing social distancing and then therefore, boosting important service-driven sectors in the UK.

However, as it has been previously, the increased value of the pound is driven mainly by news surrounding BREXIT. The expectation is that we might see an agreement as early as this week which could push the pound to the next level.

For those needing to make payments in Euros, the question is, how far could the pound go? When is the best time to exchange my funds?

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