Stone King International Legal Services

Stone King International Legal Services

What We Do

The International Team at Stone King LLP specialises in international and cross-border work. We provide cross-border analysis, estate planning and prepare wills for those with assets in more than one jurisdiction to ensure that they receive joined up, holistic advice.

Stone King is unusual in that we are one of a very small number of firms outside London that has a dedicated team dealing only with international and cross-border succession work for private clients.

Over the years we have developed an extensive network of foreign lawyers which allows us to easily access foreign legal advice, both on a formal and an informal basis. Our experience and focus on international succession matters is such that we often find ourselves advising foreign lawyers on the private international law rules in their own jurisdictions.

Due to our expertise we train other solicitors, barristers, notaries public, legal executives, accountants and financial advisors across the country on cross-border succession and taxation matters.

Anglo/French Matters

Much of our work is carried out for clients with an Anglo/French connection, often English clients with a holiday home in France or French clients with assets within the UK.

We have excellent connections with trusted notaires in France, who are used to dealing with English clients and understand how private international law between France and the UK works.

We are also used to dealing with very internationally mobile clients, whose assets are spread out between many jurisdictions across the world.

Who We Are

The International Team at Stone King is based in our Bath offices and is headed by Dan Harris, a partner at Stone King. Dan is passionate about international work and has driven the growth and development of the team.

We are fortunate to also have an in-house English notary available, Andrew Mortimer, also a partner at Stone King.

Why You Should Contact Us

If you are a property owner in France without a will, or you have an older French will, you may wish to contact us to discuss:

  • Making wills in France and the UK – to ensure that the wills work well together (do not accidentally revoke one another) and are as tax efficient as possible.
  • Making a will in France in which you elect English law to apply (if you are a UK national most closely associated with the laws of England). This election should not be made without an analysis of your circumstances to ensure that it does not have negative taxation implications.
  • French estate administration (probate). We are experienced in arranging the administration of estates of those who died in France, or elsewhere, and co-ordinating worldwide estate administration.

For more information, email [email protected] or call +44 (0)1225 337599.

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