Razes Property

Razes Property

The legacy of the rich history of the Aude is that there is often more than one name for its different areas, some of which are used in administration, others appear in tourism guides and yet others are only known by estate agents! Often mistaken as the whole of the Malpere area south-west of Carcassonne, the Razes (pronounced Raz-ez) is in fact the southern extremity of the Malpere to the north-west of Limoux. Defined by endless rolling vineyards and pretty villages and combined with its proximity to all the facilities in Limoux and the airport in Carcassonne, it’s easy to see what attracts people to this highly sought-after part of the Languedoc.

The area is becoming fairly well-populated with entrepreneurial non-French families, looking to find an alternative lifestyle and setting up businesses ranging from Bed & Breakfasts to vineyards. The Razes property market has, naturally, become more competitive since the “invasion” of northern Europeans (including northern French!). It is still possible to find the “stone house with a garden” dream home, but this type of property is becoming rarer and buyers should be prepared to pay upwards of €150,000 for a medium sized property in good condition.

Razes landscapeRazes vineyardsRazes town

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