Insuring Your Mobile Home in France


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Insuring Your Mobile Home in France

Home insurance is essential for French property owners, but what about if you own a mobile home in France? What are the legal obligations, recommendations, and options for insuring a static caravan or mobile home in France?

Insuring Your Static Caravan or Mobile Home in France

Buying a static caravan in France can be a dream come true, but in all the excitement, do remember to insure your new investment for future financial peace of mind.

While mobile home insurance is not a legal obligation on a mobile home, you must have a minimum of third-party liability insurance. Most residential leisure parks (parc residentiel de loisirs), residential holiday parks (village de vacance en hebergement), and permanent campsites will also require proof of home insurance as part of your contract. Not to mention the security and peace of mind that taking out a mobile home insurance policy affords.

Should I use an insurer based in France?

It often makes the most sense to use an insurance company located in the same country as your asset. It is usually the most cost-effective route and can simplify matters in the event of a claim. In France, home insurance is available from banks, private insurers, and through international insurance brokers.

See our guide to French insurance companies: Which One is Best for Your Needs?

Insuring an asset in a different language

Understandably, you may find arranging insurance in French a daunting prospect. After all, it can be challenging enough to arrange in your first language, but rest assured, many French insurers speak good English and will explain anything you do not understand.

However, while many of the basic principles of home insurance will be the same as what you are used to in your home country, it’s still important to carefully read your contract and ensure you understand exactly what is (and more importantly, what isn’t) covered.

See our guide to French Home Insurance- Primary Residence and Holiday Homes.

Finding the Right Insurance for Your French Mobile Home

It’s often worth comparing quotes from more than one insurer, as policies can vastly differ in cover and price. Consult our guide linked above for a list of potential insurance companies to contact for a quote. You could use a price comparison site such as Assurland or Le Lynx, or consult an international insurance broker such as Asttral or Fab. French Insurance to help with your search.

Applying for a mobile home insurance policy

After making an initial enquiry, the insurer will require further details to produce an accurate and competitive quote tailored to your specific requirements. You may need to provide details such as; the location of the mobile home/static caravan; its make, model and age; how regularly you plan on visiting; and the purchase price.

Once you have obtained several insurance quotes, take the time to compare the details of each policy, checking what is covered, and what the excess amount would be in the event of a claim.

Here are a few other inclusions you might want to check:

Is alternative accommodation provided?

Does your policy cover alternative accommodation in the event of a fire or damage to the property? Being hundreds of miles from home, you may need to stay elsewhere for several days if something goes wrong.

Are you covered should something happen whilst your static caravan is unoccupied?

Be sure that your policy covers your mobile home during your periods of absence, and be honest with your insurer about the length of time it will be unoccupied. Many policies do not cover a property that will be unoccupied for more than 90 days, and you may need to take out a specific second-home policy if this is the case.

You may wish to check your policy covers protection against water, sewage or oil damage, loss or damage caused by electrical power surges, as being left unoccupied could result in any problems being left undetected for some time.

Do you need public liability cover?

Depending on your intentions, if you plan on renting out your static caravan to holidaymakers, you may wish to add public liability insurance to your policy.

Public liability means that if a person is injured whilst staying in your static caravan or causes any damage, you will be covered should a compensation claim be made against you.

The Final Step: Securing Your Mobile Home Insurance

You will be pleased to know that once you have decided upon your chosen policy after taking all considerations into account, the next step is straightforward. Insurance contracts can typically be signed using online portal systems for ease, and card payments can be made via electronic transfer or a secure link, meaning that your mobile home will be insured straight away.

Ready to Get Insured In France?

Whether you need homeowners insurance, car insurance, or want advice on how best to protect your French assets, FrenchEntrée is here to help! Read the rest of our Essential Reading Articles, then get in touch with our trusted insurance providers for a quote or advice on your French insurance needs.

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  •  Lynn Edwards
    2023-10-05 08:07:55
    Lynn Edwards
    How do I find out what my static van is worth for insurance purposes please?


    • Zoë Smith
      2023-10-10 20:23:45
      Zoë Smith
      Hi Lynn, This would be a good question to ask your insurance provider! Kind regards, Zoe