A Guide to the Departments of Hauts-de-France


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A Guide to the Departments of Hauts-de-France

Hauts-de-France Map

Hauts-de-France is the official name of one of the new regions of France which was formed by merging the old regions Nord Pas de Calais and Picardie, during the restructuring of France’s regions in January 2016. The regional capital is Lille.

It is made up of five departments; Aisne, Nord, Oise, Pas de Calais, la Somme.

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To discover more about this region of France and the departments, click on the articles listed below.

Hauts-de-France region
Lille – A Northern Star
You know you’re in an off-centre, not-quite-fully-paid-up French corner of France when the style of restaurant you’re sitting in has its very own, centuries-old name. In Lyon they have their bouchons and here in Lille they have estaminets. Read more >>>
Property Guide – North East France
Thanks to the Channel Tunnel and improved fast roads, British buyers can drive to north east France in two or three hours – ideal for those who need to commute back to the UK on a regular basis. Read more >>>
Hauts-de-FranceSpecialities from Picardy
Sandwiched between Normandy and Champagne-Ardenne, the Picardy region of France is home to some delicious dairy products and can sell its sparkling wine as authentic champagne… Read more >>>
Hauts-de-FranceThe Picardy battlefields
The battle of the Somme lasted from 1/7/1916 to 17/11/1916. On the first day 58,000 British and Commonwealth troops were wounded or killed (one third were killed). By the time the battle had ended British casualties numbered 400,000. Read more >>>Read more >>>

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