Moving House to France: Packing and Preparation



Moving House to France: Packing and Preparation

The period between exchange and completion is the ideal opportunity to prepare for moving house. We recommend following these simple steps to make the big day stress-free:

  1. The clear out!

Moving house can be a great opportunity for a clear out. It isn’t wise to move belongings that you don’t necessarily need or want any more, only to throw them out once you’re in your new home. The less there is to move, the less labour intensive your removal will be, which will inevitably have an effect on the removal cost. Your local charity shop will be grateful to receive your donations.

  1. Planning

Planning where your furniture will go in your new home is beneficial. The previous owner should be able to provide you with room dimensions so that you can work out what will fit and what there isn’t room for. By doing this, you will be able to direct the removal team with ease on the day that your belongings arrive and it will save you shifting things around once the team leave.

  1. Packing

Packing your belongings up yourself can seem like a daunting task but there are simple things that you can do to make the process easier:

  • Make sure that all items are in the correct rooms before you start packing.
  • Pack room by room. We don’t advise starting another room before you’ve finished in the last.
  • Ensure all boxes are labelled with the room that they will be delivered to so that the removal team do not need to ask which room every box should be placed in.
  • Do not over pack the boxes. If you think that a box is becoming too heavy, try using up the rest of the space with lighter items such as cushions, pillows, towels, linen etc.
  • When packing fragile items such as glass, crockery, ornaments, it is recommended that you wrap these individually and use ‘crumpled’ packing paper as protection between each item. Remember, wine glasses should be packed upright – never lay these down inside a box.
  • Most importantly, make sure the kettle is packed last!

As a general rule when packing; the less movement there is within a box, the less chance of breakages.

Cranbury removal vans

If this all seems too daunting or if you do not have time, you can arrange for the removal team to pack for you. This will of course alter the price of the removal but will save you a lot of time – it is easy to get distracted by long forgotten items and memories!

For more assistance on preparing to move home, please do not hesitate to contact Cranbury Removals.

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