Individual Sewage Treatment VAT Rate in France (10% VAT)


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Individual Sewage Treatment VAT Rate in France (10% VAT)
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There are a number of grants and subsidies available for French property owners looking to install or upgrade a domestic sewage treatment system at their home, and you might also qualify for the reduced rate 10% VAT/TVA rate. Here’s what you need to know.

Installing a Sewage Treatment System: All About the 10% VAT Rate

How can you find out if you are eligible for the 10% VAT rate?

You want to buy, sell or renovate your house and wish to have more visibility on the applicable rates for your sewage treatment project?

The 10% VAT (TVA) rate is also called “taux intermédiaire”. This rate is applicable to all rehabilitation works of an individual sewage treatment installation for a house completed more than two years ago. When the work does not fall within this framework, the normal rate of 20% is applied.

In accordance with the legislation enacted by the French Ministry of Finance, this 10% rate is applicable to any type of rehabilitation of an individual sewage treatment installation performed by a professional. It includes:

  • Partial or complete replacement as part of bringing it up to standard
  • Maintenance
  • Drainage

Please note, this rate is also applicable to equipment and materials (small purification plant, compact filter) if and only if they are provided by the professional carrying out the work.

Grants and Subsidies

Other financial help might be available to assist you in your new sewage treatment project. See below a list of the institutions which might be able to help.

  • The National Housing Agency (Agence Nationale de l’Habitat (ANAH)
  • The Water Agencies (Agences des eaux)
  • The CAF (Caisse d’Assurance Familiale)
  • The Pension Funds (Les fonds de retraite)
  • The tax office (La direction générale des finances publiques)
  • Municipalities and groups of municipalities (Les communes et regroupements de communes)
  • Local councils (Les Conseils départementaux)

Remember that each project is unique and that some grants or subsidies will not apply to your project.

As a matter of fact, grants and subsidies depend on the budget of the institutions, your financial situation and your overall project. The amount and eligibility can therefore vary from one person and one project to another.

Tricel’s advice: do not hesitate to contact your local mairie as they will be best placed to advise you on your options.

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