Your Checklist For Your Sewage Treatment Upgrade in France


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Your Checklist For Your Sewage Treatment Upgrade in France
By Tricel

Starting your sewage treatment project in France? Find out what to do before contacting a manufacturer as well as the questions to ask.

What are the different steps to follow for your sewage treatment project in France?

Step by step guide with our checklist

Tricel is there with you to help with your sewage treatment project, as simple or complex as it may be.

Please see below the different steps you will have to go through:

  • Define your project and your needs:
    • Is it a primary or a secondary residence?
    • Is it an upgrade or a new build?
    • Then, to determine which system will be the most adequate for your home, you must call upon a “bureau d’études” for a site assessment (étude de sol).
  • Request quotations from various manufacturers (such as Tricel).
  • Ask the SPANC to validate your project. The SPANC is the only real decision maker for all matters concerning domestic sewage treatment in France. They will have the last word on the type of system you choose, its location and the distances to respect.
  • Schedule the purchase and delivery of your system.
  • Install your product in accordance with the installation manual provided by the manufacturer.
  • Control of the SPANC and commissioning of your product through a representative of the brand you have chosen. At Tricel for example, it is essential that you use one of the Tricel’s partners for the tank commissioning (mise en service).

Our Time-saving Tips

To facilitate the progress of your project, we advise you to do several tasks at the same time. You can easily start with the site assessment, move forward with planning the SPANC’s visit and start your research by contacting various manufacturers. Ideally, you should have several quotations ready when the SPANC visits your home to evaluate the conformity of your current system.

Questions to ask a sewage treatment manufacturer in France

Ahead of your first conversation, we recommend to prepare a few questions with regards to the sewage treatment solutions. This would be a big time-saver for your sewage treatment project.

What questions should you ask during your first phone conversation?

During your first phone conversation with a sewage treatment supplier, you might want to ask a few or all of the questions below.

  • What should I do first?
  • Do I have to meet the SPANC? Can you help us with this process?
  • What is the difference between a compact filter and a micro-station?
  • What about guarantee and the maintenance?
  • Can I do the installation myself or can you install the system for me?
  • What is the price? Also do check the price in the long term (a tank might be cheaper in the short term, but might be expensive to run and maintain in the long term). Manufacturer would have indications of the cost over 10 – 15 years.
  • If I ask for a quotation, do I commit myself to you?
  • How does the financial help / subsidy work?
  • How does the maintenance contract work?

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