An A-Z list of the most common fish names in French and English

An A-Z list of the most common fish names in French and English

Seafood is extremely popular in French cuisine, and the Catholic tradition of eating fish on a Friday still lingers in some areas of France, particularly on the French coast where fishing is still a part of daily life.

Whether you’re at a local fishermen’s stall in a seaside town, a local market, fishmonger, or when trying to navigate your way around a French menu in a restaurant, you may sometimes struggle to identify your favourite seafood dishes by name. We’ve assembled a list of the most popular fish, with their names in French and English. You’ll be confident picking out your poisson préféré in no time!

A dictionary of French fish names

Abadèche rouge – type of sea bass
Abusseau – type of sea smelt
Aigle de mer – skate
Aiglefin/ Lieu – Haddock (if smoked) – Haddock
Ailes de Raie – Skate wings
Amandes de Mer – Dog Cockle (type of Clam)
Anchois – Anchovies
Anguille – Eel
Araignee de mer – Spider crab
Baleine – Whale
Bar or Loup de mer – Bass / Sea Bass
Barbue – Brill
Brochet – Pike
Brochet de la Mer – Barracuda
Brocheton – Young Pike
Bulots – Whelks
Cabillaud – Cod
Calamars – Squid
Carrelet or Plie – Plaice
Couteaux – Razor fish
Coquilles St. Jacques – Scallops
Congre – Conger
Crevette grises – small Shrimp (brown)
Grosses Crevette / Crevettes Royale – large Prawns
Crevettes (roses) – Shrimps – common prawn
Crustacés – Shellfish
Darnes de poisson- Fish steak
Daurade – Sea Bream
Dorade commune – Red Bream
Dorade grise – Black Bream
écrevisse – crayfish
Espadon – Sword Fish
Esturgeon – Sturgeon
Etrilles (small crabs with flat legs) – Velvet swimming crab
Friture – Whitebait
Gambas – King Prawn
Homard – Lobster
Huître – Oyster
Julienne – Ling (type of Cod)
Langoustine – Langoustine (Dublin’s Bay Prawns)
Lieu Jaune – Pollack
Lieu Noir – Pollock
Limande – Dab – member of the plaice family
Limande sole – Lemon sole
Lotte – Monkfish
Merlan – Whiting
Merlu/Colin (various names used for the same fish) – Hake
Morue – Salted Cod (fish when fresh is Cabillaud )
Palourdes – Clams
Perche – Perch
Requin – Shark
Roussette – Dog Fish
Sandre – Zander
Saumon – Salmon
Seiche – Cuttlefish
Thon – Tuna
Tombe – Gunarde (fish)
Tourteaux or Dormeur – Brown Crab
Truite – Trout (as a general term)
Truite Arc-en-Ciel – Rainbow trout
Truite Fario – Brown trout

We hope this comprehensive A-Z Guide to French fish names will help you next time you visit a French restaurant! If you are a fan of French food, you’ll love our sister publication, Taste of France! Your one-stop guide for recipes, restaurant reviews and interviews with the best and brightest voices in French cooking today.

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    The Ecologist
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