Useful French phrases: at the Post Office


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Useful French phrases: at the Post Office

Need to send a letter or post a parcel in France? Here are all the essential words and phrases you might need.

How much is it to send a letter to the United States? C’est combien pour envoyer une lettre aux Etats-Unis?

I would like to send this letter to England: Je voudrais envoyer cette lettre en Angleterre.

I would like to send this letter recorded delivery: Je voudrais envoyer cette lettre en recommandé.

How long will my mail take to reach its addressee/destination? Combien de temps mettra mon courrier pour parvenir à son destinataire?

Could you post this letter? Pourriez-vous mettre cette lettre à la boîte/poste?

I missed the post: J’ai manqué la levée

We’ve received a parcel through the post: Nous avons reçu un colis postal.

We can send it to you by parcel post: On peut vous l’envoyer par colis postal.

This parcel will have to be sent surface mail: Il faut expédier ce colis par bateau.

The letter has a Toulouse postmark: La lettre porte le cachet de Toulouse.

To be postmarked 28th February at the latest: A envoyer le 28 février au plus tard, le cachet de la poste faisant foi.

Registered: recommandé

Postcode/postcodes: le code postal/les codes postaux

National/international post: le courrier national/international

A package, parcel: un colis

A stamp: un timbre

A self-adhesive postage stamp: un timbre-poste auto-collant

To despatch: expédier

To track (follow) the items you have sent: suivre vos envois

Prepaid envelopes (meaning postage paid): les enveloppes pré-affranchies

Stamping, franking: l’affranchissement

Ordinary/standard mail: envois courants

Secure mail (registered, recorded etc.): envois sécurisés

An envelope that is ready to post, bearing a stamp: le prêt-à-poster

Forwarding service: service de réexpédition

Mail kept for you at the post office: garde du courrier

You must prepare (i.e., package, wrap) what you are sending very well (carefully): Il faut bien préparer son envoi.

Service for returning mail: prestation retour

A delivery that requires a signature: remise contre signature

To send: envoyer

To receive: recevoir

Delivery time: le delai de

Notification of (letter/parcel) having been received: l’avis de réception

Insurance included: assurance intégrée

Airmail: poste aérienne

Postal charges: les tarifs postaux

Postage and packing: les frais de port et d’emballage

The two-tier postal service: le courrier à deux vitesses

Post paid: port payé

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